This is what it says on my Olfactory Function Test results. Olfactory function testing was administered using the butanol odor detection threshold test and the seven item odor identification test. My butanol detection threshold scores were 10/50 on both the left and right sides.

In the odor identification test, I was unable to correctly identify all seven of the common test odorants except for one, baby powder. Trigeminal nasal sensations were evaluated using Wintergreen, Vicks and Ammonia and were found to be intact bilaterally. Test results indicate that I have SEVERE HYPOSMIA on both the right and left side. My score is 20/100 (too close to anosmic!).

This is how the scale goes;

0-10       Anosmic
20-40     Severely Hyposmic
50-60     Moderately Hyposmic
70-80     Mildly Hyposmic
90-100   Normosmic

I am still only getting distorted smells. I haven’t had a ‘normal’ smell so far. The bad smell in my nose is still always there but not as horrifying as it used to be last month. It’s still rusty, rotten and rancid; not a pleasant smell to wake up with every day at all.

Food has no flavor. I don’t even know why I still have the urge to eat at all. It’s mostly to experiment if things will taste somewhat different and better. Fried food is the worst. I can’t stand the smell, I don’t eat it at all. (Well I try a couple of fries once in a while to see if there’s any improvement.) Fish is still the easiest to tolerate. Salad is good, refreshing and crunchy. It’s all about texture now anyway. The worst part is fruits even don’t taste right. Strawberries and bananas still smell/taste rotten! 😦 I can somewhat enjoy apples and red grapes (green ones are too sour). It’s odd because I normally like sour, and don’t care too much about sweets.

Of course another bummer is I can’t taste chocolate! Sweets seem to have the same weird smell and taste. I can tell if there’s an ice-cream shop around from the waffle cone smells, but it’s nothing like the real smell of the waffle cones which I used to love. Desserts, cakes, cookies all taste the same!

I’ll go try my husband’s crepes with chocolate sauce now which used to be one of my favorite breakfasts. I wish I could smell/taste at least some of the food somewhat normal. The smell I am getting from the kitchen so far is nothing like it should be.