It’s been 10 days since I started smelling nothing but this horrifying fume like smell in my nose and throat. It’s sort of like a mixture of snot, blood, rotten onion, burnt cable, dead flesh, ammonia type smell which is hard to describe. Not only this is all I smell now but everything tastes the same way too. I feel it in my nose and throat 24/7. It’s a pain to even brush my teeth. Anything I attempt to smell like food or perfume only intensifies this horrid smell more. I don’t even need to smell anything, just breathing is enough. What is more disturbing is that I still couldn’t find any satisfactory answers to what exactly is going on.

The doctors I’ve seen so far have been pretty useless. I’m going to try a new ENT specialist on Monday. They finally called from the Smell and Taste Clinic in Richmond with an appointment date after taking a whole week to get back to me. It is for June 4th! I have over a month to suffer before they can even start doing any tests on me!!

I hope I can survive this death gas and not lose my mind in the mean time. Not only it’s gross and nauseating but it also burns my tongue, throat, nose and ears. It makes me choke and makes it very difficult to breathe. I feel like I am stuck in a bubble with no escape. I am so tired of smelling and swallowing fumes. Everything I eat tastes like poison just like the smell. I am so desperate to find a cure, yet so in shock to see no doctor seems to care or understand the urgency of the situation.

My palate also got sore last Saturday all of a sudden for no apparent reason to me. The skin right behind my upper front teeth is all wrinkled and sore to the touch which makes it even harder to eat, drink or talk. There’s a constant burning sensation on my palate. I tried to get some answers from the doctors and the dentist but nothing so far. No one seems to know anything or even care. I might have to end up getting in the medical field myself to maybe find a cure or at least some answers!

How an ENT doctor doesn’t know the relation of the ear and the nose is beyond me. He didn’t even know of the smell and taste clinics in the area. He doesn’t do any smell tests nor did he even look into my nose once to check it!?! He kept saying, “I don’t know why the nose would be affected from a fall next to the ear!!” He thought I should have lost my hearing, not the smell. Just a basic search on the net was enough for me to find out that ‘head injury’ was one of the leading causes of sudden smell loss. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to reach more detailed answers or specialists who could help.